The Top 10 Scholarships That Are Completely Funded For International Students

Are you worried about the expense of continuing your education in a different country? If this describes you, then you should check into the universities’ and other organizations’ scholarship opportunities that come with complete funding.


Imagine that you have been offered admission to one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the whole globe. That shouldn’t be enough to create a good influence in your life, should it? However, it’s possible that the finances you’ve put up for your education won’t be sufficient. If that’s the case, it could be a good time to look for scholarships that provide full funding for overseas students.

Full scholarships, on the other hand, only cover the cost of tuition; fully funded scholarships, on the other hand, cover both the cost of tuition and living costs. In addition to financial support, some scholarships offered to overseas students come with additional perks, such as paid travel and participation in language immersion programs. Because of this, a large number of students from other countries try to win one of these scholarships, but only a handful are successful.

To improve your odds of winning, you should submit applications for as many scholarships as is humanly feasible. Every student who intends to attend school in a country other than their own need to be aware of the opportunities presented in the following list of the top ten fully funded scholarships for international students.


1. The J. William Fulbright Student Awards

One of the most prominent scholarships is the Fulbright Scholarship, which is funded by the United States government and encourages participants from both the United States and other countries to interact with one another. This scholarship pays for the whole price of the program and is available to students from other countries who already have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Its primary objective is to improve cross-cultural communication and understanding amongst individuals of different cultural backgrounds in the United States and other nations.

2. Scholarships offered by the Commonwealth

This is one of the most generous scholarships available to students from other countries who want to study in the United Kingdom. It provides foreign students from both developing and established nations with the opportunity to receive complete funding for doctorate research and master’s level studies, as well as academic and professional scholarships. This scholarship will cover a variety of costs, including flights, tuition, a personal maintenance allowance, a thesis grant (if one is required), and an initial arrival allowance.

3. Scholarships from the Chevening Program

Chevening Scholarships are grants that are made available by the government of the United Kingdom to foreign students who are interested in obtaining a postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom for a period of one year. The scholarship will pay for the recipient’s flights, living costs, and tuition fees for a postgraduate program of their choice that is attended full-time.

4. Undergraduate Scholarships for Women in STEM Disciplines

Women who are pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics are eligible for STEM scholarships, which offer a more specialized kind of financial help. The British Council is working to expand the number of possibilities available to women and girls in the STEM fields via a scholarship program that was developed in cooperation with many institutions in the UK. Therefore, if you are a student who is interested in furthering your education in one of these areas, the scholarships that are being offered are perfect for you.

5. Scholarships available in Australia

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is in charge of the administration of the Australian Scholarship program, which provides funding for students to study in Australia for an extended period of time. International students from developing countries, particularly those from the Indo-Pacific region, are eligible for these scholarships, which make it possible for them to pursue full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies at participating Australian universities and technical and higher education institutions.

The airfare, a one-time establishment stipend upon arrival, tuition fees, living costs, health insurance, supplementary academic assistance, and research work allowance are all covered by the Australia Awards scholarship.

6. Scholarships offered by the World Bank

The World Bank Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to qualified international students so that they may continue their education in one of 35 participating programs in key areas of development at universities located in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Japan, and Australia. The recipient of one of these scholarships will get a stipend in addition to having their tuition and fees covered, as well as basic medical care and housing rent.

7. Scholarships Offered by the Duke University

Duke University is a renowned educational establishment in the United States, and it can be found in the state of North Carolina, which is known for its natural beauty. Freshmen at this institution are eligible to receive scholarships depending on their achievements. These scholarships will pay for a full-time undergraduate student’s tuition, mandatory fees, lodging and board for all four years of their undergraduate education. In addition, students pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate may apply for assistantships and scholarships via the university.

8. Scholarships available at Harvard University

Students from other countries who want to attend Harvard University for their undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate studies may be eligible for fully supported scholarship opportunities. Graduate students often obtain scholarships based on their merit, rather than their financial need. These awards might take the form of teaching or research assistantships. Undergraduate students typically receive need-based scholarships.

9. Scholarships offered by Yale University

Both Harvard University and Yale University provide financial assistance to undergraduate students in the form of need-based scholarships, as well as fellowships and assistantships for graduate and doctoral students. There are also fully-funded scholarships available for economically disadvantaged overseas students to cover both tuition and living costs that are made accessible to underprivileged students at Yale University. The average scholarship at Yale University is over $50,000 per year.

10. Scholarships available via the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships give exceptional students from other countries with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study at one of the top institutions in the world. These scholarships provide complete funding for a total of four years and cover all expenditures, including tuition, books, and other costs. Students pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate from an international institution have the opportunity to submit an application for a number of financial aid programs, including assistantships that cover full tuition and provide a stipend for living expenses.

You have the option of applying for any one of these 10 scholarships, all of which cover the cost of your education while you are away at school. But even if you don’t meet the requirements for any of those programs, you shouldn’t let that get you down. To our good fortune, a good number of colleges in other countries maintain their own lists of financial aid opportunities specifically for students from other countries. By going to the websites of the respective colleges, you will be able to get further information about these scholarships, including the criteria necessary to be eligible and the application procedure.

Are you still puzzled? If this is the case, you should speak with a professional education adviser at Occupied, who will assist you in locating the appropriate scholarship program to fund your studies in a foreign country. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to find out which scholarship programs you are qualified for and how to submit an application for them.


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