Scholarships for the President’s Office at Quest University in Canada in 2023

You now have the chance to submit an application for scholarships offered by the President of Quest University. Quest University acknowledges the accomplishments of its students and the contributions they have made to their own schools and the communities in which they live.

The university also anticipates that these students will make contributions to the larger global community in the future. Scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are open to submissions from any and all students, irrespective of their nation of origin.

Sponsoring Organization

Quest University is the benefactor of this scholarship opportunity.

Country That Will Be Hosting


Scholarships of All Kinds


Suitable for Academic Study

2,000 to 18,000 dollars per year

Method of Implementation


Eligible Countries

Any student may submit an application.

Qualifications to Apply for Presidential Scholarships at Quest University

It doesn’t matter where a student is from; they may submit an application for this scholarship if they meet the requirements.

The Quest program is challenging, and the applicant’s previous academic performance is a significant factor in determining whether or not they will be awarded a scholarship. We are more impressed by a student who has done well in the most challenging courses available rather than one who has achieved the highest grades by choosing an easier route to graduation. This is not evaluated by strict numerical limits; rather, we are more impressed by a student who has done well in the most challenging courses available.

The University is also interested in extracurricular activities – not the number of different groups you joined, but the enthusiasm with which you followed your non-academic interests and the influence you had on your fellow countrymen and the society in which you lived.
Students have shown this in a variety of ways, including via extracurricular activities like as athletics, community service, leadership, the theater, clubs, volunteering, and other abilities.
Scholarships from Quest University Canada are given to candidates who have showed a desire to study, an aptitude for leadership, a readiness to contribute, and a passion for excellence.
The Scholarship Renewal Policy may be found at the following website, and it will be applied to this grant.

The Criteria for Selection

Only one application for financial assistance (a scholarship or other kind of aid) from a student will be considered for review by the Scholarship Review Committee. When an award package has already been presented, no further applications for cash prizes will be considered for approval.

Instructions on how to apply for a scholarship from the President of Quest University
Students who submit their applications using the Quest Application will be given the opportunity to apply for scholarships concurrently with their admissions applications.
After submitting their Common Application, students who are applying for scholarships through the Common Application will submit their scholarship applications via their Application Management Page. After an applicant’s Common Application has been received, the applicant will get an email with their log-in details for the Application Management Page.
Even while providing letters of recommendation and a résumé or curriculum vitae is optional, it is highly recommended that candidates do so in order to strengthen their scholarship applications.

Please visit the Scholarship Website for more information.


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