Master’s Degree Scholarships Offered to Students From Overseas Who Will Be Attending the University of Geneva in 2022

Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Master’s Study at the University of Geneva – An Excellence Fellowship Program has been established at the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Science with the assistance of several sponsors in order to provide financial assistance to exceptional and highly motivated students who are working toward obtaining a Master of Science degree in one of the subject areas that are taught by the Faculty.


The students who are eligible to receive this assistance are those who are pursuing a Master of Science degree in one of the areas that are taught by The Faculty of Science at the University of Geneva is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious research institutions in the world. This cutting-edge research takes into account a wide variety of scientific subfields.

This scholarship will be awarded in Switzerland, which is the host nation.

The Program for Studying Abroad in Europe.

Awards for Postsecondary Education, Including Master’s Degree Scholarships


Every Country Is Considered to Be an Acceptable Candidate.

Full Waiver of Tuition and an Annual Stipend between 10,000 and 15,000 Swiss Francs

The submission deadline is on Friday, March 15, 2023.

Details on the Awarding of the Scholarship

The Master’s degrees that are provided by the Faculty of Science provide a great basis for future professional and academic success. These degrees may lead to satisfying jobs in a variety of fields, including business, teaching, government, and the media.

All of the performances For students pursuing master’s degrees, either English or a combination of English and French is used as the language of teaching.

Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

Candidates for scholarships are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree program at any institution and placed in the top ten percent of their class are eligible to submit an application for an Excellence Fellowship at the University of Geneva. All applicants are required to either have a bachelor’s degree already or to be within six months of completing their degree.

The candidates will be selected in accordance with how successfully they carry out the tasks.

In the process of review, the information that was provided by candidates will be taken into consideration.

The Master’s degree offered via the Faculty of Science does not need previous exposure to the French language.

The Necessity of Paperwork

The following materials (in either English or French) MUST be contained inside a SINGLE pdf file that is attached to the application:

A scan is made of a person’s passport or national ID card.

An example of a resume or curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum).

a record demonstrating that you have successfully completed all of the necessary courses for your undergraduate degree, together with specific information on your grades.

a personal statement outlining the particular scientific interests you have and the reasons you wish to get a Master of Science degree from the University of Geneva.

For the most part: Two academic references vouching for your suitability for this program (preferably provided directly to from your teachers). These references should testify to your previous academic achievements.
Include any other information that you believe may be helpful, such as the results you received on your GRE, TOEFL, or any other language exam.

Online submission of applications may begin each year in January and continue throughout the year. After you have registered, an email will be sent to the address you provided with a one-of-a-kind link to the application form.

The new deadline for application submissions is set for March 15th, 2023. (beginning with the Master’s program on September 18, 2023)


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