Houston Motorcycle Accident Attorney in the Year 2023-2024

An attorney who is situated in Houston, Texas, and whose practice is limited to the area of motorcycle accidents is aware of the fact that the majority of injuries received in motorcycle accidents may vary from serious to catastrophic in severity.


This is something that the attorney is well aware of. In many instances, the victims do not emerge from their ordeals unscathed. [Case in point] According to the information that has been gathered from various sources throughout the United States, around eighty percent of motorcycle accidents end in either injury or death.

The legal team at John K. Zaid & Associates is aware of the potentially life-changing effects that being involved in a motorcycle accident can have on victims and the family members of victims. These effects can include injuries that prevent victims from returning to their previous state of functioning. We make it our mission to see to it that each and every one of our customers is awarded the fair compensation necessary to cover the costs associated with the injuries they have incurred as a result of working with us.

When riding a motorbike, getting into an accident may be a harrowing experience that can lead to serious or even deadly injuries for the user of the motorcycle.


If the individual who was injured is fortunate enough to survive this ordeal, they will be required to pay exorbitant sums of money for their medical care, the repairs that are necessary for their motorcycle, and the wages that they will not receive until they are able to return to full-time employment.

Every attorney for motorcycle accidents at John K. Zaid & Associates in Houston, Texas is aware of how intellectually, financially, emotionally, and physically destructive the accident might be to the individual who was wounded as a consequence of the accident. John K. Zaid & Associates is located in Houston, Texas.

If the driver who caused the accident does not offer a fair settlement that will cover all of the damages that resulted from the accident, including the damages that you are anticipating such as future medical care and treatment, then we may be able to offer our assistance to you. In this scenario, the driver who caused the accident is the one who is at fault for the accident.

In the event that a motorcyclist is injured in an accident, it is our job to offer them with the legal services they need to guarantee that they are reimbursed for their injuries while they take the appropriate length of time to recuperate.

Accidents and Injuries That Occur Most Frequently When Riding a Motorcycle

Every legal expert in motorcycle accidents in Houston at John K. Zaid & Associates has represented a large number of accident victims, which means that they are all familiar with the specific accidents that occur most frequently in these kinds of collisions as well as the ways in which they typically take place.

The following categories of injuries manifest themselves most commonly at our place of business:

Arm of a biker: When there’s an accident on a motorbike that throws the rider off the bike, they have a tendency to extend their arms out automatically in an attempt to save themselves from falling.

Because of the force of the collision, muscles’ nerves may be permanently injured, which can lead to a condition known as “biker’s arm.” Nerves situated in the upper body may also be affected as a consequence of this kind of injury.
Trauma to the head as well as the brain Motorcycle accidents often result in head and brain injuries. injuries. Even while helmets may be useful in preventing catastrophic head injuries, the fact of the matter is that there are still a considerable number of collisions in which the force of the collision creates more force than the skull is able to protect itself against. However, it is essential for all cyclists to wear a helmet regardless of the rules of the state, since helmets are able to prevent head injuries even at lower speeds, and some states require cyclists to wear helmets.
Bone fractures If you are involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle, there is a good risk that you may suffer from bone fractures.

The most common injury sustained is a fracture of the lower leg as a consequence of the car landing on top of the driver.
As a result of continually extending their arms in an effort to prevent themselves from falling off their bikes, motorcyclists run the risk of breaking their wrists and arms.
As a result of being flung off their bikes after an accident, they often suffer fractured shoulders as well as pelvic fractures.
Leg injuries: despite the fact that a lot of riders wear leather-protected clothes, knee pads, and motorcycle boots, accidents to the lower extremities are nevertheless relatively prevalent in motorcycle accidents.

Breaks to the foot and knees are the most common kind of injuries.

Myths That Are Widely Believed Regarding Motorcycle Accidents

Myth: It is safe to ride a motorcycle if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is below.08 even if you have been drinking.

It is not safe for you to ride your bike if you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.0.

In order to ride a motorcycle safely, you need to have good coordination, balance, and the ability to react quickly.

Even one drink might make it dangerous for a person to drive.

John K. Zaid & Associates has attorneys that specialize in representing clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. They will be able to guide you through the process of identifying who was at fault for the collision.

Myth: Putting your bike on its side will cause you to slow down enough to avoid crashing it.

It’s probably not the best idea to try to store your bike by lying it flat on the ground.

Because of this, the likelihood of you being hit by another car increases, which increases the risk that you may get more injuries.

In point of fact, if you are able to stop in time to put your bike down on the ground, you will have the opportunity to entirely avoid the collision.

Myth: If you have a valid driver’s license, you are able to operate a motorcycle in both a safe and legal manner.

If you have a driver’s license that is still active and in good standing, you are allowed to legally and safely operate a motor vehicle.

Operating a motorbike without the appropriate licensing is not only fraught with peril, but it’s also against the law.

In the event that you operate a motorcycle without a permission, you run the risk of being judged to be in the wrong, which may have an effect on your ability to pursue a claim for damages.

John K. Zaid & Associates has attorneys who specialize in representing clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. One of them will walk you through the particulars of your case.

The Myth That Lane Splitting Is Never Dangerous

Changing lanes without signaling might be risky and isn’t always legal.

For example, in the state of Texas, it is against the law for any vehicle not to be operating inside its designated lane at all times.

If there is an accident that causes you to veer out of your lane, you might be held liable for any damages that occur as a consequence of the incident.

You are also putting yourself in danger if another car decides to move lanes but fails to see you since you are in their blind spot.

In the event that you are hurt or engaged in an accident that involves a split lane, a lawyer in Houston, Texas who specializes in representing people who have been hurt in motorcycle accidents may help you determine who is responsible for your injuries.

Myth: Wearing a helmet during a crash can save your head but may result in injuries to your neck or spinal cord

Collisions that might cause injuries to your spine or neck can be prevented, or at least mitigated, to a large extent by wearing a helmet.

According to the findings of a research that was carried out by BioMed Research International, those who wore helmets had a considerably lower risk of sustaining spinal cord or neck injuries than those who didn’t wear helmets.

Myth: The Only Thing That Makes You Look Cool Is If You Wear Leather.

Leather may not only make you seem more fashionable, but it can also protect you from potential dangers, such as traffic accidents.

Instead of the skin being the one to endure the weight of the damage, the leather is the one that does it instead.

When it comes to protecting your body from harm, the cost of repairing a leather jacket after it has been damaged in an accident is a very minor expense.

What We Are Able to Offer

If you want to make sure that you get a fair settlement, you should probably talk to a motorcycle attorney for accidents in Houston, Texas from John K. Zaid & Associates. This attorney will evaluate your case and figure out whether or not you have a valid individual injury claim. If you do, then you should speak with this attorney.

The following are all matters that can be decided by an experienced attorney:

Is it possible that the accident was caused by someone’s carelessness?
Who should be held accountable for the accident?
Have you broken any of the rules governing driving in any way?
It might be anything as simple as speeding, as serious as driving under the influence, or as complex as running a traffic signal or sign.

When you are seeking compensation from the persons responsible, having an attorney at your side may make all the difference in the world.

It’s possible that the insurance company may attempt to persuade you to accept a payout that is far lower than what you really should get.

If you engage a lawyer for motorcycle accidents from John K. Zaid & Associates in Houston, Texas, you can rest confident that we will make every attempt to obtain the maximum possible settlement for your case. John K. Zaid & Associates is based in Texas.

What Should I Do Right After a Motorcycle Accident? What Should I Do Right After a Motorcycle Accident?

If you have sustained an injury, the first thing you should do is make sure you get checked out by a doctor.

A significant number of people who have been injured through no fault of their own are unwilling to seek treatment out of the fear that they won’t be compensated for their expensive medical expenditures in the future.

Your health should be your first priority, and if you are able to successfully make a claim, you should be aware that your medical bills will probably be covered.

Talk to a knowledgeable Houston, Texas motorcycle accident attorney after you have had treatment and are feeling better. This attorney will be able to walk you through the subsequent stages of submitting an insurance claim for the damages you incurred.

Is it Possible to File a Lawsuit Against a Driver Even if They Argue That They Couldn’t See You While You Were Driving?


if you have been harmed as a result of the negligent actions of a motorist, regardless of whether or not the driver was aware that they had caused your injuries. You are eligible for any kind of compensation that may be appropriate given the circumstances. Even though it’s common knowledge that motorbikes are more difficult to handle than standard cars due to their lower levels of power, riders shouldn’t let this excuse them from using the same level of caution they would in any other situation. It is widely acknowledged that motorcyclists have a legal right to ride on public roads. An essential component of gaining this respect is demonstrating that careless drivers will be held accountable for the damage they do, preferably with the assistance of an experienced Houston, Texas motorcycle accident attorney.

What Should I Do If I Was Going Too Fast Before the Accident?

The fact is that providing details about how fast you were going would not assist your case in any way.

For this reason, it is important to consult an experienced Houston, Texas motorcycle accident lawyer in order to determine what you should do. They may be able to find ways to prove that the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver rather than your own speeding, which is why it is important that you do this.

You may be able to file a claim for large damages after an accident, even if you were partly responsible for the incident.

What Kind of Compensation Do I Have the Right to Expect?

Depending on the seriousness of the occurrence, you may be able to make a claim for the just compensation you deserve. This money can cover your hospital fees, treatment for your injuries and agony, and even the cost of repairing your bicycle.

The factors that contributed to the accident will determine the possible monetary reward that is bestowed upon you.

You may get assistance from the legal team at John K. Zaid & Associates in determining the kind of remuneration that your specific case may be eligible for.

Identifying the Parties That May Be Held Responsible for a Motorcycle Accident

Accidents might have a single responsible party, several responsible parties, or no responsible party at all. Sometimes, nobody is to blame for an accident at all.

It is vital to investigate the factors that contributed to the occurrence of the event in order to determine the precise source of the problem and how it occurred.

We are able to “untangle” even the most intricate matters because to the competence that John K. Zaid & Associates has.

In the case of a claim, one of the Houston, Texas motorcycle accident attorneys may choose to show culpability by using any of the following tactics to demonstrate that you are at fault:

A replay of the accident will shed light on the behaviors of the drivers as well as the cars they were operating.

Software with advanced analytical capabilities may be used to monitor the vehicle and make estimates about its speed, travel routes, and other relevant information.

In the most severe cases, it may be possible to re-create the accident in the individual by driving them in a vehicle that is comparable to the one that was involved.
Even after the cars involved in the accident have been removed from the site, a forensic accident investigator may continue to examine and gather evidence there.
This may include taking pictures and making measurements of skid marks, inspecting signs and curbs that have been damaged to look for traces of paint left by cars, as well as the positions of various traffic signals, and so on.
There is a possibility that video recordings taken by cameras installed at junctions may be made accessible.
If every car were equipped with this technology, dashcam footage may prove to be of tremendous use.
The accident report that the law enforcement officer writes up may include useful information, such as comments from witnesses and drivers involved in the collision.
A motorcycle accident attorney in Houston, Texas may conduct interviews with witnesses who may or may not have provided information that was included in the report that the police officer wrote.
When the implicated vehicles are inspected, it may be possible to determine the direction they were traveling in regard to the damaged location. It is possible to determine the speed of the car that was involved in the incident based on the amount of damage that was sustained.
Getting Back What Was Lost

Motorcycle accident lawyers in Houston, Texas will examine the particulars of your case in order to collect financial recompense on your behalf.

After determining which party was at blame, the professionals in our company will assemble claims supported by proof.

The claim will include a full accounting of all of the money that you have been unable to earn as a result of your disability or sickness.

In the majority of instances, this will include not just the present cost of treatment but also the projected expenses of further care in the foreseeable future.

It’s also feasible to consider the money and perks you missed out on because you were unable to go back to work while you were recovering.

Your potential legal choices may become more limited as time passes.

If you were injured while you were riding your bike, you should get medical attention as soon as possible. Get in contact with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, Texas as soon as possible in order to set up an initial consultation that is provided free of charge.

Considerations to Make Before Beginning Anything New

You may have learned this from individuals you have just met, from members of your own family, or even from other motorcyclists: incidents on the road may result in fatalities.

The overwhelming majority of people who ride bicycles are aware of this and are actively working to stop it.

No matter how careful or safe a motorcyclist is, they are all at risk of being injured or killed in an accident.

Even while not every accident involving a motorbike results in a fatality, data reveal that motorcyclists have a much higher risk of passing away in an accident compared to motorists involved in an accident involving a vehicle.

Because of the simple fact that motorcyclists enjoy superior safety compared to drivers of automobiles.

In any event, if you discover that you need legal assistance, you should not delay in getting in contact with your motorcycle accident attorney in Houston as soon as possible.

During this period, it would be beneficial for you to educate yourself on the rules that govern motorcycle accidents and how those laws would influence your rights in the event that you were involved in a collision involving a motorbike.

A clear introduction to motorcycle legislation that covers the foundations has been developed by the legal experts here at our company.

I was not wearing a helmet at the time.

In all of the states, wearing a helmet while operating a motorbike is not required by law. Nevertheless, this does not negate the fact that you should. In point of fact, you will suffer injuries, and those wounds may be more severe or even deadly if you are not wearing a helmet when you are engaged in a collision and you are not protecting your head with one. Your insurance premiums can go up if it turns out that you weren’t protecting your head while you were out on the road by using a helmet at all times. However, if you decide to pursue legal action or file a lawsuit, you run the risk of incurring a loss in the settlement or receiving a big discount. In the event that you were involved in a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Houston, Texas law firm as soon as possible for a no-cost consultation. They will be able to assist you in determining what the final outcome of your circumstance will be.

At What Point in Time Is It Appropriate to File a Lawsuit?

When it comes to suing for damages after a motorcycle accident, the statute of limitations for doing so varies from one state to the next.

It is possible that you may want the assistance of our Houston motorcycle accident attorney in order to successfully collect evidence and submit a claim.

In order to ensure that you are eligible to receive compensation for the damages you have sustained, we will investigate whether or not you have missed any filing deadlines.

To schedule a meeting with us, you can either give us a call or email us a message.

Must I File a Lawsuit?

Even if filing a lawsuit to recover compensation for damages caused by an auto accident isn’t legally required, the cost of medical care and money missed due to the accident may mount up rapidly.

However, it is very necessary to turn down the earliest proposals of a settlement.

Once you accept the offer, you are obligated to abide by the terms of the settlement, which are often far less favorable than what is truly due to you.

You should make a claim on your insurance in order to get the money that is rightfully yours for your injuries.

It’s Possible That I Played a Role in Creating the Problem.

It is possible that you may be entitled for a portion of the overall sum if the role that you performed was a substantial one.

Get in contact with a motorcycle accident attorney in Houston, Texas, to explore the specifics of your case and find out how much financial compensation you might potentially be entitled to receive as a result of the incident.

Although there are a lot of resources accessible online, your best chance for learning about the various elements of the law that control bikes and rules is to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney in Houston, Texas who has a good reputation and a lot of expertise in the field.

We at John K. Zaid & Associates will do all in our power to defend the legal rights you are entitled to. In the event that you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why is it very necessary to have an advocate on your side when it comes to issues pertaining to the law?

In order to pursue a claim for financial compensation after a motorcycle collision, you will need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney who concentrates their practice on situations similar to yours.

You have to give your whole attention on recuperating from the injury initially.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is in your best interest to consult an attorney who has expertise representing clients in instances similar to yours from John K. Zaid & Associates. Not just for this reason, but also so that I may focus all of my attention on getting well. This will provide you the opportunity to concentrate on getting healthy by going to the doctor and taking part in physical therapy while your attorney handles the legal parts of the case.

If you have a competent attorney on your side, they will battle for your right to recover every last cent that is due to you.

They are going to be well versed in the tried and tested techniques as well as the language used in the courts for winning accident claims.

In some instances, the testimony of an expert witness may be admissible as evidence in a legal proceeding.

Your legal representation may also decide to dispatch detectives to the location of the alleged criminal activity in the hopes of finding fresh evidence that may be used to bolster your claim.

An attorney is able to provide you with an estimate of the worth of your case as well.

In other words, you are not willing to face the risk of receiving a sum that is much below what you are deserving of.

You will have access to any and all relevant information that may be required in order to enable you to make a decision that is well-informed.

It is always a good idea to receive some expert advise on what your best course of action would be, but in the end, you will do what you want to do, so there is no use in beating about the bush.

Get in Touch With a Houston, Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Right Away

They want to provide our customers legal aid that may really make a difference in their situation.

Get in touch with John K. Zaid & Associates right now to take advantage of their no-obligation, cost-free consultation with a Houston, Texas-based motorcycle accident attorney from their firm.

They will schedule an appointment as soon as feasible to discuss the particulars of your case and will do so as soon as practicable. In addition to this, they check to see that you have not beyond the filing deadline in Texas. It is imperative that you file your paperwork in a timely manner so that they have the opportunity to advocate on your behalf.

Have you been hurt in a collision with a motorcycle? This is Why You Need the Services of an Attorney

Riding a motorbike is an unparalleled experience that cannot be replicated by any other mode of transportation, and any Houston, Texas motorcycle accident attorney can attest to this fact.

However, owing to the open aspect of operating a two-wheeled vehicle, passengers are at a much increased danger of being injured.

If you are not attentive, even a little collision, such as a fender bender, might escalate into a serious disaster.

Those who are hurt due to the carelessness of another party need to be eligible for monetary compensation for the harm they have suffered.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle collision, your best chance is to get legal representation from a firm that focuses in these kinds of cases.

For a number of different reasons, John K. Zaid & Associates is of the opinion that it is highly suggested that you seek the assistance of legal counsel in order to manage this problem.

The Analysis of the Factors That Contribute to Accidents Caused by Driver Error

Motorcycle accident lawyers are very skilled at analysing the circumstances surrounding a collision in order to establish culpability.

There is a possibility that the vehicle accident you were involved in occurred because the motorist in front of you was preoccupied with his phone.

Perhaps a factor that is not as readily apparent as that had a part in this.

Do any of the cameras in the area capture footage of what happened?

Is there any evidence that the motorist who is being charged broke any of the rules of the road?

Are there individuals who saw what took place prior to the collision taking place?

Who among the people around you saw what took place?

During the course of a legal proceeding, an attorney may be required to gather declarations, in addition to other evidence.

Managing Concerns Regarding Insurance

Putting up a claim for compensation against your insurance policy can be a smart move if the amount of money you lost was significant enough.

The problem occurs as a result of insurance companies’ efforts to maximize their profits while simultaneously reducing the amount of money they pay out in claims.

They will use every excuse possible to get out of paying a payment.

Motorcycle accident victims in Houston, Texas who retain the legal services of John K. Zaid & Associates benefit from having powerful attorneys on their side. These attorneys have considerable expertise working with insurance adjusters and are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that their clients obtain the full amount of compensation to which they are legally entitled.

Expert Testimony Acquisition

If your attorney is unable to reach an agreement with the other party outside of court, then the case will have to be litigated.

In order to successfully prove such a claim, it is often necessary to provide evidence that the defendant’s negligence directly resulted in exceptionally significant injuries sustained by the plaintiff.

In some circumstances, you may want the advice of a medical professional who is able to explain the reasons why your disease requires treatment that is either long-term or permanent.

An attorney who has previous experience with cases involving motorcycle accidents will be aware of which medical professionals can offer the most trustworthy testimony and how to persuade them to assist.

How to Get Your Life Back on Track After a Motorcycle Accident

A automobile accident may impact a person permanently.

After being hurt in a motorcycle accident, there are a lot of things you can do to assist speed up the healing process and get back on your feet sooner.

John K. Zaid & Associates has attorneys on staff that are able to put you in contact with a Houston motorcycle accident lawyer who has years of experience.

They are able to assist you with any and all legal problems that you may have in connection with this situation.

Investigate the many ways you might get back on your feet after the disaster by gathering additional information.

Pay Attention to How Your Body Is Getting Better

If you think you may need medical help, don’t hesitate to get it; if you’ve been harmed in the accident, it’s imperative that you follow your doctor’s instructions.

If you put in the greatest effort into repairing your body, you will have a lot higher chance of achieving a complete recovery from whatever ailment you were suffering from.

Wait a little while longer before diving back into your typical schedule.

You want to go back to normal as quickly as possible, but at the same time, you have to allow your body the time it needs to recover.

It Is Important That You Focus on the Legal Aspects of Your Recoupment

Getting healthier won’t be as simple as simply feeling better physically; it will require more time.

You have made plans to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, Texas, in order to learn more about your legal alternatives in the event that the accident was the responsibility of another party.

They will be able to explain to you the many legal choices that are available to you.

If, on the other hand, you are the one who committed the wrongdoing, it is very necessary for you to acquire legal counsel.

This is an excellent method for preventing mistreatment and exploitation of others.

Take Care of Your Emotional Health and Pay Attention to It

Accidents involving vehicles are distressing for everyone involved, regardless of who was at blame.

Complications such as physical harm, either to oneself or to others as a direct consequence of the traumatic experience, might add to the feeling of unease.

As a consequence, one’s mental health may be negatively affected.

It’s possible that the physical pain you’re in, the anxiety you feel about being late to work, and the guilt you feel for causing the accident are all contributing factors to the mental health issues you’re experiencing.

Insomnia, sadness, paranoia, changes in appetite, and a whole host of other symptoms are all potential consequences that might result from these problems.

It is imperative that you seek the assistance of a therapist or counselor if you are struggling with these concerns.

Following your recuperation, you will see improvements in both your physical and mental well-being if you use this technique.

Recovery after a motorcycle accident might take a significant amount of time.

The legal team at John K. Zaid & Associates, PC is ready to assist you in any way they can.

Taking Another Look at Unfavorable Decisions

The risk that a judge or jury may have a different opinion on the incident in question compared to yours.

You have the right to appeal their verdict if you believe that they were biased in favor of the other party.

A lawyer who focuses their practice on representing clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents would be familiar with the process of requesting a formal reconsideration.

In the event that you are involved in a motorbike accident and have catastrophic injuries, your life may be irrevocably altered.

After a motorbike accident in Houston, Texas, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer may assist you in obtaining the financial compensation you need.


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